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Mission Trip Travel Insurance

It is important that missionaries are protected from unforeseen circumstances whenever they are travelling. One simple step taken when planning for the fun of working abroad, can make all the difference in how their future may turn out.

The Caledon Group, with its extensive experience in identifying the right plan for the right situation or customizing the right one, is affiliated with some of Canada’s largest plan providers. Take a moment to review the information here.

NOTE: It is most important that you arrange for the OHIP/GHIP health coverage extension for travel that will be longer than 183 days.

Why Mission Coverage is Important When You are Travelling Outside Canada

Your OHIP plans rarely covers:

  • Cost of prescription drugs
  • Full cost of hospital and physician care
  • Return of personal possessions to family
  • Bringing family member to your bedside
  • Direct payment to healthcare providers
  • Protecting yourself, go to for more information
The Caledon Insurance Group

The Complete international mission health insurance plan

Outbound Plan


  • Canadian Mission Exchange Programs
  • Short Term Travel


  • Travelling Canadians
  • Travelling Extras: trip cancellation, interruption, lost/damaged luggage (upon special request)

Medical Plan Highlights

  • $5,000,000 of emergency health coverage
  • Hospital accommodation & physician fees
  • Prescription drugs (30 day supply for new)
  • Paramedical services
  • Private duty nursing
  • Treatment of dental accidents & emergency relief of dental pain
  • Ambulance services
  • Remote evacuation
  • Emergency air transportation
  • Transportation to bedside
  • Return of insured travel companion
  • Vehicle return
  • Out-of-pocket expenses including meals & accommodation
  • No deductible
  • No co-insurance, 100% payment
  • 24/7 world assistance line

Rates Available Upon Request

For more information or to request a quote,
call 1-888-806-7866 or visit our contact page.

The Caledon Insurance Group