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The Caledon Insurance Group specializes in Integrated Insurance & Financial Solutions and offers a particular emphasis on insurance plans for educational institutions and students who are either coming to study in Canada or travelling to study abroad. We have extensive experience in the insurance industry with more than 15 years specializing in the International Student Market. The Caledon Insurance Group was started in 2006 to ensure clients are being offered the most effective and cost efficient plans that meet their individual needs and are receiving the one-on-one personalized attention required.

We have been actively involved in educational industry related associations including Ontario Association of International Educators ( OAIE ), Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS) & Canadian Association of Christians in Student Development (CACSD).

Our knowledge of the industry, experience in dealing with educational institutions, reputation for personalized service and passion for seeing each client receives the right product for their needs are the cornerstones for the successful approach to business.

The Caledon Insurance Group, with its extensive experience in identifying the right plan for the right situation or custom-creating the right one, is affiliated with some of Canada’s largest plan providers.

The Caledon Insurance Group
The Caledon Insurance Group

"Being a broker, our commitment is to you, the client, to source out the best possible plans from the various providers that are available."

- Brian Tuohy

Why Choose The Caledon Insurance Group?

  • The Caledon Group is experienced with more than 20 years experience spent in insurance industry and 15 years specifically targeted to servicing international students.
  • Licensed insurance agent with full E&O coverage.
  • Backed by some of Canada’s largest insurance plan providers.
  • Past personal experience has demonstrated excellent one-on-one dedicated service to educational institutions.
  • Hands–on experience with the administrative requirements necessary for working with International Student departments.
  • Proven ability to develop the best customized plan recognizing the specialized needs of the institutions.
  • Industry flexibility and knowledge to source alternate, customized plan benefits to incorporate into greater benefit package.
  • Best pricing through broker research in the marketplace.
  • Proven ability to work in close harmony with the administrative staff at our educational institutions to ensure plan operates smoothly and effectively.

To answer your Questions or Provide a Quote:  1-888-806-7866.

The Caledon Insurance Group